Molded case circuit breaker / Earth leakage circuit breakers

General-purpose molded: G-TWIN standard series line protection

General-purpose molded: G-TWIN global series line protection

Magnetic contactors, Magnetic starters

Standard type magnetic contactor, magnetic starter: SC and SW series

Standard type magnetic
contactor: SC-E series

Drives & Inverters AC Drives (Low voltage)
Servo Drives
Pushbuttons, Pilot lights

Pushbuttons, Pilot lights:
AH164, 165, 165-2 Series

Pushbuttons, Pilot lights:
AR/DR16 minico Series

Pushbuttons, Pilot lights:
AR22/DR22 Series

Pushbuttons, Pilot lights for printed board: AH16P, AH16P-2 and AH22P Series

Pushbuttons, Pilot lights:
AM/DM22 Series

Pushbuttons, Pilot lights:
AR30/DR30 Series

Earth leakage protective relays

Earth leakage protective relays:
BRR,EL, RRD series

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Programmable operator interface monitouch V9 Series